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Private Pilot’s Licence (B)

The requirements leading to this qualification:
  •  A current medical certificate
  •  A minimum of 16 logged flying hours plus 1 tethered flight
  •  Four instructor flights
  •  A flight test with an examiner
  •  One solo flight under observation
  •  A pass in 5 written exams i.e.
            Air Law
            Balloon Systems
            Human Performance

In addition you would require a PUT log book, a personal logbook, a set of marked maps (OS 1:50000) and an Air Map, compass, watch and gloves.

We are able to offer you flying hours under instruction with a fully qualified and
experienced BBAC Instructor at a rate of £95 per flying hour. This would include a briefing before each flight and a thorough debrief following each flight. Should you also wish us to provide the necessary equipment we would be happy to do this at the following rates:

            Supply of balloon, fuel, and vehicle - £150 per flying hour

             Ground Crew - £30 per flight.

The cost would be considerably reduced if you were able to supply either balloon, fuel or vehicle. 

Any damage that you are responsible for would be invoiced to you at cost.

Flights would be from Bath and, assuming reasonable weather, the whole course could be completed in about 8 weeks. After the first 8 hours’ flying experience we would recommend that you start studying for the exams, and we would help you with advice and guidance in the form of a PPL ground school with test papers at £200 per day. The exams could be arranged in Bristol.

We should need to know your availability both mornings and evenings and whether you could fly at short notice.

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