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"Two years ago I decided to throw myself into something completely new and having always wanted to fly, I decided to make ballooning my new hobby!  Right from the first moment I spoke to Terry about what I would need to do to get my licence, I was hooked.  It's fair to say that I had no previous experience before so everything I needed to pass out as a pilot would need to be taught to me from scratch.  I think it took me a whole week to stop smiling after my first flight instruction and despite the best efforts of the British weather to frustrate me in my ambition, I am proud to say that two years on I am a fully qualified balloon pilot!  I still can't believe it!"

"My thanks go out to Terry for his complete patience and his clam unflappable approach, even in the face of clumsy provocation caused by my occasional inability to follow simple instructions! If you're reading this and thinking of taking ballooning up as a hobby, my advice is to just go ahead and do it… once you start you'll wish you had done it years ago!"
Frazer Davey (Avon and Somerset Police)

"Terry taught me everything I needed to know. He got me through my training quickly and encouraged me every part of the way. Good training is important - it saves you money in the long run."
Andrew Holly (Commercial Balloon Pilot, UK).

"I have found that in all activities,mountaineering, polar trips or ballooning, you should always try and get the best instruction by professionals. After 5 hours as P1 I flew solo over the Andes, and also managed the longest balloon flight in the arctic. This was possible because of my instruction by one of the best professionals in the world - Terry McCoy. I wholeheartedly endorse his programme to fulfil your ultimate dreams."
Dr David Hempleman-Adams (Balloon Pilot and Explorer, UK).

"Although I only received instructor flights from Terry, he taught me some very important skills that I still use every time I fly, as well as me teaching them to people that I am now training. The "Five P's" and "Thumb up the ripline" immediately spring to mind! A big "thank you" to Terry and all at Ascent!"
Richard Allen (Private Balloon Pilot, UK).

"I have always been very grateful for your instruction and could not have wished for a better man to guide me into this sport. I always remember you shouting PULL!, PULL! the first time we had a drag landing and also the second flight out of an event, at noon, with most pilots frowning at taking off outside flying hours. I have had to do this many times and your determination at decision making has always helped me in this".
Nick Braun (Commercial Balloon Pilot, Argentina).

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