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Where do we fly from? We normally fly from our own launch site in Bath, although sometimes other sites are chosen because of factors such as prevailing wind conditions. You then have a chance to see parts of Bath and the enjoyment of identifying landmarks and scenery of the local area.

Where will we land? As every balloon flight is different, and is dependent on the speed and direction of the wind, the pilot will control the choice of a suitable landing site on the day. Permission is always required from the landowner in order to gain access onto the land.

How long is the flight? The flight will last about an hour, but approximately three hours should be allowed for the total experience. The retrieve crew will return you to the launch site if required.

What should we wear? For your safety and comfort we suggest you wear outdoor clothing suitable for the time of year. Long trousers and long sleeves, preferably in natural fibres, are recommended. Owing to the British climate, take off and landing sites may be wet from dew, therefore warm waterproof footwear is ideal. High heels must not be worn. Bring a hat if you are tall or balding; this will protect you from the heat of the burner. Please bring gloves.

Is it safe? Ballooning is very safe; the Civil Aviation Authority enforces strict standards for hot-air balloons, and all our pilots are fully qualified. Smoking is not permitted in or around the balloon at any time. However, anybody who is pregnant should not fly in a hot-air balloon. Please do not use mobile phones in the balloon.

Am I insured? The balloon and you are insured to the maximum of one million pounds for any one claim.

Can I give a voucher as a gift? Our vouchers are valid for one year, and everyone is issued with a voucher.

How do I book?: Simply book over the telephone with a credit or debit card on 01761 437878.

Does my weight matter? All balloons are weight loaded and it is very important for accurate weights, especially in the summer months when the temperature is in excess of 18 degrees Centigrade (64 degrees Fahrenheit). If you are 20 stone (280 lbs) or over you must fly in the morning when it is cooler, or pay 50% surcharge.

How high do we fly? Usually not above 2500ft. Normally our cruising height is around 1000ft.

How will I know if the weather conditions are suitable for my flight to take place on my chosen date? Please ring the office 24 hours prior to the flight.

How soon can I fly? Please call the office. We fly every day weather permitting.

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